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Sandspit Residents & Ratepayers Assoc.

Community information about Sandspit, Warkworth.

Membership of our local 

Residents Association

Dear Sandspit Resident

The Sandspit Residents and Ratepayers Association was formed some 36 years ago.

Your Association concentrates predominantly on maintaining and improving the local environment, by possum and rat control and removing trees and plants which are hostile to native species. Long-term residents have noticed the improvements in native bird-life as a result of these efforts. The Association also played a major part, both with funds and voluntary labour in building the crooked path to the jetty, building the boardwalk across the mangroves, creating the adjoining reserve and play park, and developing the network of walking tracks around the Brick Bay area.

Projects in the last few years have included the purchase of a community defibrillator, which is housed centrally at the Holiday Park, installing a security camera at the junction of Creek Street and Sandspit Road and purchasing and installing two new picnic tables at Brick Bay Reserve, ugrading the walking tracks around Sandspit and a school bus shelter.  These projects have required money in addition to voluntary labour, and the annual subscription of just $25.00 per household is our only regular source of income.

At an Annual General Meeting of the Association, there was overwhelming support for upgrading the security camera, installed at the junction of Sandspit Road and Creek Street. By recording the details of all vehicles entering Sandspit this camera (and the associated signage) acts as a deterrent to local crime and has enabled the police to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of a number of thefts over the past few years.

The camera has now been upgraded to include a broadband connection to Insite Security premises, where it is monitored. The total cost of this service is  just under $96.00 per month..

We raised the funds required to cover this additional expense from a mix of annual subscriptions, one-off donations and regular (monthly, quarterly or annual) payments.

If you have not already paid your 2022-2023 annual subscriptions, we ask you to do so now and, in addition, to consider making a donation towards the cost of the enhanced neighbourhood security system.

Please complete the form overleaf and mail or deliver it to the address on the form or, if you have online banking, simply make a payment to the Association’s bank account with your name/s and shortened address in the Particulars & Reference boxes. A monthly donation can be made through on-line banking or by completing an Automatic Payment Authority form at your bank, or on the back page of our latest newsletter.

If you are new to Sandspit, please contact us through any of our Committee members  to obtain a "Welcome Pack" and booklet on services etc in the immediate and wider area. The SRRA also sends e news letters via mailchip to members whose email addresses we have recorded. To those who do not have email addresses we do our best to distribute newsletters by hand.

Membership& Voting Rights: This is restricted to two members per household.

Membership form is on the following page.